Best 5th Wheel Hitch Covers

fifth wheel hitch coverIf you need to haul a trailer or something else heavy with your pickup truck then you likely have already begun looking at different ways to make it happen. The most common way to convert a truck into a trailer hauling champion is by installing a 5th wheel trailer hitch. Fifth wheel hitches are made to help distribute your tow weight throughout your pickup cab and rear axle. These giant hitches can be expensive and definitely have to go through a lot of stress, so you owe it to yourself to make sure that they are well protected when not in use. We decided to pull together a few 5th wheel hitch covers that can make a difference in the longevity of your equipment.

What are you looking for in a fifth wheel cover?

Alright, as with most things in the automotive world you are typically going to need to take in a few details before you go and make a purchase. Has anything ever been simple when it comes to taking care of your truck and all of its little gadgets? Well, we’ll continue that streak. Let’s break down some important details regarding 5th wheel hitch covers.


The most important aspect of your purchase is going to deal with the kind of material that the fifth wheel hitch cover is made out of. The most common, and preferable material, is going to be nylon. In particular, we like heavy gauge nylon that is also weatherproof. This puts your hitch cover in the best situation to survive over the long run.


So, as with all covers for all gear, you’re going to want to make sure that the fitting is perfect. It won’t do you any good to have a fifth wheel hitch cover that doesn’t fit or rips early because it is too tight on the equipment. Make sure to take some time to measure the length, width, and depth of your 5th wheel hitch cover. Use these measurements to help you pick a cover from the list of available items.


You’d think that a fifth wheel hitch cover would be pretty simple to install, but that turns out not to always be the case. First off you are going to run into a few hitch covers with different installation designs. Some of the cheaper 5th wheel hitch covers install via the snap-in buckles, like a baby’s stroller. Other covers will utilize bungee cords to keep the vinyl tied snug. No matter which option you prefer, make sure that you learn to get the installation correct — it would do no good to send your fifth wheel hitch cover flying out of your truck and down the highway.

The best 5th Hitch Covers Around

Now that you’ve got an idea as to what you are looking for it is probably the time to share with you some of the top hitch covers on the marketplace. While these are our personal favorites they are far from the only items available. Use our tips above and your own personal preference to pick the right choice for you.

Reese 3055 Fifth Wheel Cover
We’re going to start out with a mainstay in the automotive world: a hitch cover by Reese. Reese is well-known for many of their vehicular gadgets and their 5th wheel cover keeps up with the quality. This cover is priciest on our list but for good reason. The first thing you’ll notice about this hitch is the simple plastic buckle installation. The hitch fits snugly and is weather proof for intense heat and even perspiration such as rain or snow. The dimensions on this product are 12 x 9 x 2.5 inches with a weight just over 1 pound.

Classic Accessories 80-116-010401-00 OverDrive Cover
We’re going to limit the name of this mouthful to the Classic Accessories OverDrive Fifth Wheel Cover — not much better, but still. This fifth wheel hitch cover is extremely heavy-duty as it is made out of thick vinyl that is both proofed to weather and UV rays. The Classic OverDrive is protected against grease and will help to keep liquid from running off of your hitch. The universal fit means that you should be good to go on most fifth wheel hitch covers out there. The measurements on this affordable 5th wheel hitch are 24 x 24 x 18 inches. You should have no problems here if you have a standard fifth wheel hitch.

FIA FW9021 Universal Fifth Wheel Hitch Cover
Just because your trailer hitch is an expensive piece of equipment doesn’t mean that the cover has to also. Te FIA FW9021 is a universally sized hitch cover that should fit the vast majority of 24 inch fifth wheel hitches. Heavy duty vinyl keeps your equipment safe from heavy rain, dirt, dust, and various flying debris. This hitch measures in at 19 x 13 x 2 inches in size.

PullRite 2912 Hitch Cover
Finally, we are on our last hitch cover, and the most expensive one on this list: the PullRIte 2912. PulLRite is universally revered for having high-priced, high-quality pieces of equipment and their accessories are no different. This hitch cover is made of all-purpose, heavy-duty vinyl. Your hitch will be protected from all elements: UV rays, heavy rain, snow, high temperatures, and even the bitter cold. This 5th wheel hitch cover is 27 x 25 x 2 inches in size and weighs in at an incredible, and durable, 7 pounds. while you’ll pay an arm and a leg for this product you likely will never need another one again.