Gooseneck Hitch for 5th Wheel Rails

Gooseneck On Rails

Is there anything more appealing than utilizing your heavy-duty truck to tow around other, equally heavy-duty, pieces of equipment? Towing and toting stuff are one of the greatest strengths of owning these high weight class vehicles so you definitely will want to know how to take advantage of the ability. If current setup is for … [Read more…]

Trailer Hitch Receiver Tubes – Hitch Extenders

Trailer Hitch Receiver

Trailer hitch receiver tubes, more commonly referred to as trailer hitch extenders, make extra space between the vehicle and what is attached to the hitch itself. There are a number or reasons someone may want this extra space.   Standard Trailer Hitch Receiver Tubes Extenders come in many different lengths. These typically include 7″, 8″, … [Read more…]

Best Fifth Wheel Tailgates 2017

fifth wheel tailgate

Notched fifth wheel tailgates allow for hooking and unhooking with ease. We are talking convenient in-cab hook-up, no more getting out of the truck just to lower and raise the tailgate. With a fifth wheel tailgate, although it is capable of lowering, there is no need to. Accident Prevention With the notched section for clearance … [Read more…]

Best Towing Mirrors 2017

towing mirror

If you are towing a trailer, you’re going to need towing mirrors to safely change lanes and while backing the trailer. There is a myriad of choices available that start around fifteen dollars to well over two hundred dollars. The cost can really vary based on the type of mirror (universal, custom fit or replacement) … [Read more…]