Best Tow Hitch Step Bumper Bars 2017

best hitch bumper bar stepTaking care of your car can cause you to look into dozens of different purchases over the lifespan of your vehicle. One piece of equipment that is often underlooked and majorly misunderstood is the vehicular bumper bar. During a low speed rear-end accident, a bumper bar in some cases can actually save your vehicle from damage. Let’s take a look at what a bumper bar is, what styles are available to choose from, and which ones you should look into buying.

So what is a receiver hitch bumper bar?

A hitch bumper bar or hitch mounted step inserts into your existing hitch receiver and is designed to make climbing in and out of the back of your vehicle easier. These special types of bumpers can also help protect your car by absorbing some of the energy transfer in collisions, typically of the low-speed variety. A hitch bar can save you money and make your life easier.

A bumper bar isn’t a complex piece of equipment. In fact, bumper bars are typically just a steel tubing either chromed, powered coated or coated in a plastic with a variety of styles available. Other types of bumper bars include fiberglass composite, aluminum, and straight up plastic.

Some of these bars are made with the primary focus being on decoration and others focus more on loss prevention when it accidents. There is no wrong answer when picking out a bumper bar, just make sure that you understand what you are actually getting.

Top Market Options for Tow Hitch Steps

Need a boost? Receiver hitch steps are excellent ways to provide vertical access to the back of your vehicle. Most automobiles have a receiver hitch on their back end that allows for the flexibility and installation of a variety of different add-ons — including the tow hitch step. Let’s look at the different style of hitch steps that are available before checking out which ones YOU should be looking to buy.

Receiver Size

First off you will want to take stock of the hitch receiver size on your vehicle. The mots common hitch step receivers will be matched up for 2″ receivers. This is likely what your car/SUV/truck is fitted for, but it is worth double checking.

Top Market Options.

Now that you have an idea as to what a tow hitch step is you can start to look at options to purchase. We listed below a range of tow hitch steps for your consumption. These options range in terms of size and style all the way to cheap or expensive.

Bully CR-600 Receiver Hitch Mounted Utility Step

Our first option is both affordable and stylish. The Bully CR-600 is a small, nonslip, receiver hitch step. This tow hitch step is built from T304 stainless steel with a 16 gauge bent tube that measures 18 inches in width. This hitch is a breeze to install and it can take a lot of damage before succumbing to breaking down. Perfect if you need to access roof latched luggage racks, tall truck beds, or even the inside of your SUV.

Bully BBS-1102 Black Bull Utility Hitch Step

This hitch step fits into the Class III, 2″ hitch receiver that the majority of cars are equipped with. This hitch is designed with the same 16 gauge inner tube but it is coated in high impact plastic. This hitch weighs a smooth 5.4 pounds and is 19 inches in width by 11 inches in depth. The stylish black coat finish makes it blend in with just about any color of the vehicle, belying the affordable price and leaving the occasional passersby thinking you got a more expensive model than it appears.

Go Rhino 360T Textured Black Powder Universal Hitch Step

This is one of the larger hitch steps on our list in terms of width but this is anything but a bad thing. The Go Rhino 360T fits into 2″ receivers and takes literally minutes to install without the usage of any minutes. It comes with anti-rattle technology, a storage bag for when not in use, and a 5-year warranty to keep you content with peace of mind. The black finish makes the step look gorgeous and the sturdy material underneath protects the back end of your car as much as it provides for a step up when accessing any of your luggage or other storage stations. At under $100 this is probably the best deal in the whole list of options.