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Are you considering getting a bobcat trailer hitch to clamp onto its bucket? Several different manufacturers make clamp-on hitch receivers for Bobcats. The better-known clamp-on brands include ECOTRIC, ELITEWILL, Titan Distributors Inc., Coolautoparts, and HECASA. The hitches typically have 2″ receivers for a ball mount to slide into, just as you would on your vehicle. With so many Bobcat clamp-on trailer hitches out there, it can be difficult to choose the best one. We have 4 of the newest bobcat trailer hitches, all well suited for your trailer pulling needs.

Top 4 Best Bobcat Trailer Hitches Reviewed

1. ECOTRIC Clamp On Trailer Hitch 2″ Ball Mount Receiver Adapter Deere Bobcat Tractor Bucket

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Heavy-duty steel construction. Covered with a durable gloss red powder-coated finish to resist rust. An extremely durable baffle keeps it straight on the loader bucket. Easy Installation direct bolt connection without additional drilling required. It is used for a quick change device at the front of the bucket tractor. It can quickly clamp on the bucket of your Bobcat in seconds. It’s easy to disengage. Weight: 20 lbs; Length: 18; width: 2 1/2; Height: 7; Best Service.See more on Amazon…

2. ELITEWILL Clamp On Trailer Hitch 2″ Ball Mount Receiver Deere Bobcat Tractor Bucket

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This 2-inch receiver trailer hitch is suitable for all 2 hitch inserts such as a boat, RV, trailer, camping accessories. Widely used in heavy-duty work of industrial, agriculture, and construction business. Made of heavy-duty steel construction. Red primer coated to resist rust. Extremely Durable baffle to stay straight on the loader bucket. With sufficient towing capacity. Easy to install. Direct bolt connection without additional drilling required.See more on Amazon…

3. Titan Distributors Inc. Clamp-On Bucket Hitch for Moving Trailers with Your Tractor Bucket Anti Twisting

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The Titan Distributors Inc. bobcat trailer hitch is made by a trusted name. Clamp-on bucket hitch receiver fits trailers of all sizes using your Bobcats bucket. Accepts 2in hitch inserts. It can fit up to 2in thick buckets. Easy to install and easy to move trailers around your homestead or at your job site. The overall length of this bucket hitch is 16.5in. The main body is 2.5ins wide and has an overall width of 7.5 in the side support tabs. The main body has a main body that is two feet wide and two-foot-wide with a side body that’s two-tenths of the length of the hitch.See more on Amazon…

About Bobcat Clamp-on Bucket Hitches

Front-mounted trailer hitches provide key benefits for quicker trailer moves around the yard than hooking up to a vehicle. Hooking up a trailer to a vehicle usually involves the inconvenience of raising or lowering the trailer jack. That is unnecessary with a Bobcat hitch clamp, as you can raise or lower the bucket instead. Plus, it is easy to control the trailer when hooked to the front of the tractor. The biggest benefit is how the trailer can be precisely positioned when necessary, especially in tight areas because you are working in front, not behind your back.

You want to make sure your bucket hitch is extremely tight to keep it from shifting to the side when pushing or pulling from an angle. Many people slide a pipe over the tightening handle for a little temporary advantage when tightening the clamping mechanism.