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Bumper-mounted receiver hitches are the perfect add-on for any RV, pop-up, or travel trailer with a square-shaped 4 to 4 1/2 inch bumper. It’s one of the least expensive RV or camper accessories that add the most versatility. With a bumper receiver hitch, you can put your RV or camper’s bumper to work by attaching a wide variety of hitch accessories to it. Mount a cargo carrier for your generator to sit in, attach a hitch-mounted cargo box for additional secure dry storage, a bike rack to bring your bikes on your trip, a tow hook, or just a ball mount.

Installing one is stupidly easy and should take no more than 10 minutes tops. That is because most bumper hitches require absolutely no welding or drilling to install. Instead, bumper hitches typically mount using included bolts, nuts, and washers with simple hand tools. So, depending on the brand, you’re looking at either a set of 2 or 4 bolts to get the job done.

What immediately follows is a list of my favorite top 10 bumper hitches that the towing industry has to offer. These include industry leaders CURT, Towever, TOPTOW, Ohuhu, Quick Products, and HITOWMFG. After the reviews, I will go over important bumper hitch FAQs and some safety considerations you need to know.

So let’s get to it.

Top 10 Best Bumper Hitches Reviewed

1. CURT 13333 Class 3 Trailer Hitch 2-Inch Receiver Select Dodge Ram 1500 2500 3500

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CURT 13333 Class 3 Trailer Hitch 2-Inch Receiver Select Dodge Ram 1500, 2500, and 3500. This trailer hitch is rated for 44,000 lbs. gross trailer weight and 600 lbs. tongue weight—the unique dual-coat finish of rust-resistant liquid Bonderite and highly durable black powder coat. Aftermarket hitches are tested according to SAE J684 standards for the utmost safety while hauling. It offers a custom factory fit on select model years of the Ram 1500, 2500, or 3500 and Dodge Ram1500, 2500, and 3500. The hitch is easy to install and has a maximum weight distribution capacity of 40; lbs. weight distribution tongue weight (limited to lowest-rated towing component)See more on Amazon…

2. Towever 83801 RV Bumper Hitch Receiver 2 inches Adapter for 4-4.5 inches Travel Trailer Rear Bumper

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You won’t find a better bumper hitch for your money under $50. This bumper accessory fits 4.5 square bumpers (bumper beam can be mounted upside down or upside down). The bumper receiver allows for a tongue weight of 200Ib. The adapter is made of heavy steel weighing 3.5kg and is protected by durable black powder coating. The bumper adapter has four bolts that hold it securely around the bumper of the trailer. Towever’s bumper hitch is truly an innovative bumper hitch.See more on Amazon…

3. CURT 19101 Camper Hitch for 2 x 4-Inch RV Bumper 2 in. Receiver 3500 lbs

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CURT bumper hitch delivers quite the bargain. It is rated for 3,500 lbs. gross trailer weight and 350 lbs. tongue weight. The dual-coat finish of rust-resistant A-coat and highly durable black powder coat protects from chipping and UV rays. Easy to attach to virtually any 2-inch x 4-inch RV bumper with the included grade-8 hardware and typically just a few tools. Every CURT camper hitch design is tested at their Detroit engineering facility according to SAE J684 standards for the utmost safety and reliability while towing.See more on Amazon…

4. TOPTOW 63803 RV Bumper Hitch Receiver 2 inch Adapter Receiver Opening 3500 LBS Capacity Fits for 4 inch X 4 inch Square RV Rear Bumpers

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These days budget bumper hitches are better than ever. Allows 350 Ibs Tongue Weight Capacity. It’s made to fit 4 inch X 4 inch Square Bumpers Sturdy Steel Construction, and Robotically Welded Steel Bumper. 2 sets of Bolts Need to be Secure Tightly Around the Travel Trailer Bumper.See more on Amazon…

5. TOPTOW RV Bumper Hitch Receiver 63801 for 4 inches to 4.5 inch Beams 2-inch Receiver Opening Fits for Bike Racks Cargo Carriers Camper-on

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The Hitch receiver has a 2 x 2 tube opening. Fits most of the bike racks and cargo carriers with 2 shanks. It has a 200 lbs tongue weight capacity. 5/8 hitch pin or hitch lock not included. Heavy-duty steel construction. Robotically weld provides more security. Black powder coating finish protects against rain, dust, snow, road salt, and other corrosive substances. The TOPTOW was designed by TOPTow to be the ultimate all-purpose bumper hitch for truck owners. It can be easily mounted on your RV bumpers.See more on Amazon…

6. Ohuhu Bolt-on RV Bumper Hitch Receiver Adapter Fits 4-4.5″ Beam 2″ Receiver with Hitch Pin & Hitch Cover

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Ohuhu Hitch Receiver is designed specifically for 4-4.5 bumpers. Designed for use with 22 square tubes. Sturdy carbon steel construction is durable, corrosion-resistant, and long-lasting. 200lbs tongue weight capacity that you can rely on. Not intended for towing purposes. Also included with the purchase are a set of 5/8 hitch pins and 1 rubber cap. Once installed on the hitch receiver, use the pins to secure the rack to make it more stable and the rubber cap to cover the hitch receivers when not in use. The Ohuhu Camper Bumper Hitch has a 200lbs Tongue weight capacity. It is NOT intended towing.See more on Amazon…

7. Quick Products QPRBAB Deluxe RV Bumper Receiver Adapter – 2”

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Quick Products entered the bumper hitch market and has since become known for its quality design and workmanship. The heavy-duty adapter bolts onto existing 4×4 RV bumpers, accepts two load-carrying tubes, and have a weight capacity of 200 lbs. It is not designed for towing purposes.See more on Amazon…

8. HITOWMFG Drop-Down Bumper 2 inch Receiver Adapter for 4×4 inch Bumper Trailer Towing Cargo Carrier Bike Racks

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Fits a 4 x 4 RV or travel trailer bumper, use for both downside and upside. Accepts hitch mount of 2 shanks such as bike racks, RV tire carriers, cargo carriers, or other accessories. Finished in black powder coating provide durable and strong conditions. Heavy-duty steel via robotically welded for superior strength. High-quality hardware fittings all make this adjustable trailer hitch more durable.See more on Amazon…

9. Quick Products QPERBAB Economy RV Bumper Receiver Adapter for Bike Rack Cargo Carrier etc. – Fits 4″ Square Bumpers

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Quick Products’ economical bumper-receiver adapter converts your bare bumper into a 2″ receiver, giving your RV the ability to add bike racks and storage bags where you couldn’t before. The receiver fits over 2″ tubing and bolts to your existing 4″ x 4.5″ bumper. 200 lb. weight capacity. Not for towing purposes.See more on Amazon…

10. CURT 19030 Step Bumper Hitch Receiver 2-Inch 5000 lbs.

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The reviews are in for the CURT, and it scored good marks. Easy to install on a wide variety of trucks and SUVs. Slotted mounting holes spaced 8-1/2 inches apart, on-center. The dual-coat finish of rust-resistant, highly durable black powder coat. Can accept ball mount, cargo carrier, bike rack, tow hook, and much more.See more on Amazon…

Getting the best bumper hitch for your money means getting one with plenty of reasons to make some of the best bumper hitches money can buy. Unfortunately, finding the best bumper hitch can prove to be a difficult task. So we’ve narrowed your choices down to the best one.

About Bumper Hitch Receiver Hitches

Join the growing number of campers who realize the benefits of bumper-mounted hitches. Selecting the perfect bumper hitch doesn’t have to be a difficult process. There are a ton of options out there.  However, not all of them can do the job perfectly, so it comes down to having the right information. Some RV bumper hitches are designed and robust enough for towing a trailer, while many are not as heavy-duty and can only handle receiver hitch accessories. Ultimately, the best bumper hitch is the one that is rated to fit your needs.


How much weight can a bumper hitch handle?

It may be listed in the owner’s manual, but it is best to check with your VIN; some RV bumpers are not made to support any weight at all.

Can You Install a Bumper Mount Hitch Receiver Upsidedown?

Many bumper mount hitches can be installed upsidedown, according to the manufacturer. Other manufacturers never address the topic. Always follow the installation instructions for your particular hitch.

Are Bumper Mount Hitch Receivers Safe?

Bumper mount hitch receivers can be safe when properly installed and used per manufacturer instructions. But keep in mind that every bumper and its weight capacity will be different, and your hitch-rated capacity can greatly exceed that of the bumpers. Therefore, you are always limited to the weight capacity of the lowest-rated towing component for safe towing. Also, make sure to inspect your receiver hitch and bumper periodically to ensure that all fasteners are securely fastened and that all structural components are in good condition.