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Imagine that you and the family take a road trip for some prime camping…

You attach your travel trailer to the back of your truck and hit the road. Hours later, you arrive at your campsite, unhitch, then head to town to grab some ice. When your return: your trailer is gone. Your heart sinks. In an ideal world, nobody would steal, period. But we don’t live in a perfect world. Without using a quality fifth-wheel kingpin lock, this could have been you. The fact is that you could have easily deterred the thief in this scenario. Instead, you gambled your investment, time, and peace of mind over not spending a few bucks. Don’t let this happen to you in real life. Let’s look at the best fifth-wheel trailer hitch lock that money can buy, along with a few runner-ups and the steps you should take to pick them.

CURT 23255 5th Wheel Kingpin Lock Alright, so you’ve probably decided that you don’t want to come back to the campground to see your fifth-wheel trailer missing — right? Unfortunately, we can’t say that we blame you. So the most important thing you can do to keep this from becoming a reality is to invest in the best fifth-wheel trailer hitch lock available: the CURT 23255 5th Wheel Kingpin Lock. CURT has a long track record of making high-quality trailer hitch products, and the CURT 23255 lives right up to those expectations. So let’s dig in while we rate, review, and analyze this fifth-wheel trailer hitch lock.

Hitch Lock Craftsmanship

To start things off, we have to praise the workmanship that goes into all of CURT’s many products — and the CURT 23255 is no exception. CURT takes the time to make sure all of its products are adequately made and can pass any of the most stringent stress tests for industry standards. The CURT 23255 is made of high quality, strong aluminum, and it can take one heck of a beating. We had read that other owners had accidentally driven over their lock without taking any damage, and that doesn’t surprise us. When you are securing your RV, you don’t want someone to be able to take a hammer to your lock to drive away with your stuff. So it was a huge perk to see that this fifth-wheel trailer lock was so sturdy. The lock itself is also coated with a weather-resistant finish, so even when the wind, rain, or snow starts to blow, you should rest easy, knowing that your lock will stick in place.

Using the CURT 23255 5th Wheel Kingpin Lock

Next to craftsmanship, we are always fascinated by how easy or difficult a piece of equipment can be installed. THANKFULLY, the CURT 23255 5th wheel kingpin lock is as easy to install as it looks but significantly more challenging for a person to try to break into and steal. To start, the CURT 23255 locks directly onto your 5th wheel kingpin to stop people from attaching their vehicle to your RV. There is a powerful aluminum grip that is kept in place by a key-turning locking mechanism. The CURT 23255 comes with a pair of keys so that you have a backup to get into your lock. As one owner said: “Easy on, easy off — unless you are a thief.”

CURT’s Guarantee

Every CURT lock comes pre-packed with a warranty for both parts and labor. CURT is notorious for its focus on providing high-quality products, long-lasting equipment, and premium customer service. For example, the CURT 23255 weighs only 1.6 ounces and measures 6 x 3 x 5.5 inches in size. Compare these measurements to your fifth wheel kingpin to ensure a natural fit, and you’ll never even need to talk to CURT after purchasing this fifth-wheel trailer hitch lock.

Other Top Fifth Wheel Hitch Locks

Many fifth-wheel trailer hitch locks are available for sale, and not all of them are home runs. Fortunately for you, we decided to pull together a small list of backup fifth-wheel trailer hitch locks if the CURT 23255 doesn’t strike your fancy or meet your needs.

Runner Up #1:

Trimax TFW55 Ultra Tough 5th Wheel Trailer Lock Alright, so this trailer hitch lock is going to look different by an order of magnitude but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. In fact, the TRIMAX TFW55 made a strong push for our favorite fifth wheel lock, but it was just barely beaten out by the CURT comparison. So, what makes the TRIMAX TFW55 so special?

Ease of Use

Let’s start by looking at the body of the TRIMAX and how it differs from the other models on this list. For one, it is built to slide directly over the 5th wheel kingpin of your vehicle. Once in place, you only need to turn the key provided with the lock to secure the trailer that you are hauling. Sounds easy, right? It only takes 30 seconds to get this trailer lock installed, and you’ll be secured for the entire night. Finally, the TRIMAX TFW55 is ultra-light while still being strong. The TRIMAX TFW55 is built out of heavy-duty steel and protected by an epoxy coating.

Built for the Elements

Next, we want to point out how rugged and robust the TRIMAX TFW55 is. The body of the lock is covered in a weatherproof, powdered coat finish of epoxy. This means that you will never have to worry about the elements digging in and weakening your lock. You don’t want your lock weakened in case someone tries to steal your trailer.

In Conclusion

We would have had the TRIMAX TFW55 sitting as our top option if it weren’t because it is slightly weaker in build than the CURT 23255. The TRIMAX TFW55 is a great option if you want to secure your property overnight, but we suggest going with our top option instead of long-term storage.

Runner Up #2: Master Lock 2999DAT

Now we are on to our final lock: the Master Lock 2999DAT fifth wheel lock. This fifth wheel lock looks similar in build to the CURT option we listed above, and it functions in much the same way. There isn’t as much to say about this as it is a pretty close emulation of the CURT product we already delved into.

The keyhole is weatherproofed, but the rest of the lock is not. Nevertheless, a lock like this should hold up to some pretty intense scrutiny if someone tries to steal your property. This hitch falls third on our list because it doesn’t have as high-quality build as the CURT or the TRIMAX. It’s easy to install, but a heavyweight trailer hitch lock will keep your property right where you left it.

What Do You Need in a Lock?

Alright, we’ve introduced you to the best fifth-wheel trailer hitch locks on the market today. These locks have many similarities and a couple of differences between them. However, one common theme is that they will keep your trailer safe and prevent it from being hauled off by people with bad intentions. Whether or not you decide to purchase one of these locks is up to you, but you should know why we selected the ones we did. Here are our top qualities in buying a fifth-wheel trailer hitch lock.

Solid Build

When searching for a lock, you will want something that can’t be undone by a guy with a hammer. We chose locks that were built of heavy gauge steel or high-quality aluminum. The TRIMAX, for example, has both steel and an additional protective case. You aren’t breaking that lock without making a ton of noise and sweating quite a bit.

Ease of Installation

Your lock should be able to pop on in the blink of an eye. Locks are simple mechanisms, and any lock that requires a Ph.D. to install isn’t on our radar. From CURT to Master Lock, these locks provide ease of use as one of their biggest highlights.

Weatherproof Ability

Your trailer will be outside, so your lock should also be prepared to withstand the elements. All of the fifth-wheel trailer hitch locks we listed above have some level of weatherproofing done to them. Don’t let the elements undo you, and stay prepared.