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One of the most exciting purchases you can make is buying a hitch for your Goldwing bike to pull a trailer.

Honda Goldwings, like most motorcycles, don’t offer a lot of space. This can be very problematic over long-distance trips, as there is little room to store gear like tents, sleeping bags, chairs, or a variety of other items. So installing a hitch to your motorcycle so you can pull a trailer is the answer.

We cover the best Goldwing trailer hitch brands on the market: Show Chrome Accessories and Kuryakyn.

Below is the results of the Goldwing trailer hitch review.

Top 3 Best Goldwing Trailer Hitches Reviewed

1. Show Chrome Accessories 52-825 Vertical Receiver Hitch

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In our opinion, this is, overall, the best Goldwing trailer hitch for pulling a trailer. Show Chrome Accessories 52-825 Vertical Receiver Hitch is for Honda Goldwing 2001-2017. Vertical Hitch is Essentially Invisible When Mount is Removed; Chrome 1-7/8 Ball Included; All Mounting Hardware Included. Anti-Chatter Bolt Included to Minimize Trailer Sway. The Show Chrome Accessories brand makes a professional Goldwing trailer hitch meant to last, and this model is no exception.See more on Amazon…


2. Show Chrome Accessories 52-921 Vertical Receiver Hitch for Honda 2018 GL18000 Pack

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The trailer hitch is well made and pulls a trailer well. For GL1800 Goldwing’s 2018-; Includes 1 7/8 Ball; Made in the USA. Installation is straightforward. Show Chrome is a good family model that won’t break the bank.See more on Amazon…

3. Kuryakyn 7641 Motorcycle Accessory: Trailer Hitch with 1-7/8″ Diameter Hitch Ball for 2012-17 Honda Gold Wing GL1800 & F6B Motorcycles

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After testing, there is no doubt that the Kuryakyn provides the best performance for a Goldwing rider. It’s important to know as a motorcyclist that the Kuryakyn performs towing tasks like a champ. This rock-solid tow hitch makes all the difference when it comes to strength and rigidity. It can be bolted on with common hand tools. Compatible with Honda Gold Wing models: ’12-’17 GL1800, F6B. Kuryakyn is a must-have for motorcycle riders.See more on Amazon…

Honda Goldwing Trailer Light Wiring Harness

Don’t forget to pick yourself up a wiring harness. This wiring harness is made specifically for a Goldwing for proper trailer light operation. This one is easy to install with OEM matching connectors and comes with complete instructions.

Motorcycle Towing Safety

The hitch on your Goldwing should always be sturdy and connected to at least 4 points on the bike. The height of the hitch should be at the hub level of the rear wheel. The hitch should not be connected to or contact any drive shafts, shock absorbers, swing arms, or suspension components. No movement should be present on the hitch, and the bike should move without impediments.

Before pulling the motorcycle with the trailer, calculate the total allowable weight of the motorcycle. A general rule for motorcycle trailers is that the trailer should not carry more than half the motorcycle’s total weight. Remember that the rider, motorcycle, and trailer’s weight must stop at the same brakes you have now. Check your owner’s manual for specifics on your model and year.

Always load the trailer properly and within safe limits to prevent the trailer from swaying. Check the tires of your Goldwing and trailer before you hitch it to the trailer and start your trip. Check your trailer lights for proper operation after hitching the trailer. Always use safety cables or chains and ensure the chains are not too long. Take turns slow. You want everything to flow smoothly between the bike and the trailer.