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What is a Heavy Duty Drop Down Hitch?

Drop hitch receivers are the most important hitch attachment for matching your vehicle’s towing gear to the trailer’s height.

A drop hitch receiver is used to lower or raise the trailer hitch’s overall height. If you have one, it’s the square steel tube fastened to the back of your truck. The use of a drop hitch receiver eliminates the worry that attaching a trailer may upset the vehicle’s balance and cause you to lose control.

Typically the durability of a drop-down hitch is determined by how much material it is made from. Cheap hitches tend to have less metal and weigh less. The better heavy-duty drop downs tend to be heavier, cost more to make and ship but tend to be of higher quality.

With so many choices available today, whether you’re buying a drop hitch for the first time or you have an old rusty one, you might be surprised at the number of heavy-duty adjustable drop hitches available.

Today I’m doing a quick comparison between the heaviest top-selling heavy-duty drop hitches.

The Heaviest: Rebellion XD Adjustable Cushion Hitch Ball Mount by Curt Manufacturing

Weighing in at  41 pounds, this beast of an adjustable drop hitch has a soft side. ShockDrop technology in the Rebellion XD Adjustable Cushion Hitch Ball Mount reduces jerking and jarring caused by potholes and bumps, resulting in a more comfortable towing experience. Cast steel structure and a six-position head allow for precise leveling of various trailers. One-year finish, one-year parts warranty, no airbag or bearings to service. Comes with a Limited lifetime warranty. The shank on the trailer hitch ball mount for the Rebellion XD is adjustable. There is a 6-1/4″ drop and a 1/4″ rise limit on the trailer ball tongue’s adjustment.

It’s rated for a gross trailer weight of 15,000 pounds and a tongue weight of 1,500 pounds (limited to the lowest-rated towing component).

This hitch takes the win for the best heavy-duty drop hitch.

Fat Favorite: Bulletproof Heavy Duty Adjustable Hitch

This is the Bulletproof heavy-duty drop-down hitch. This is their step-up version, which is very heavy-duty.

Bulletproof 2.5 Heavy Duty and Extreme Duty hitch shanks are solid steel all the way through and have chamfered edges so that they can easily slide into & out of your hitch receiver. The Solid Steel Shank also comes with two pinholes on the shank for more adjustment options. The textured powder-coated finish creates a durable surface to help protect your hitch.

It offers a Lifetime Warranty, and a whopping 10” drop or rise. It has a maximum towing capacity of 22,000 pounds and a tongue weight capacity of 3,000 pounds in both the drop and rise modes. It also includes two 2 5/16″ ball sizes to accommodate your trailer’s needs.

With all these features mentioned above, the Bulletproof Hitch is our top choice for anyone looking for a heavy-duty trailer hitch that can withstand anything you throw at it. The BulletProof Hitch is one of the best drop hitches on the market and is the clear winner.

The heaviest was the Bullet Proof hitch at 52 pounds.

Best in Class: BPSAUTO Adjustable Trailer Hitch

With the Adjustable Trailer Hitch, you’ll get the best performance from your trailer every time. It’s simple to use the 6-inch drop with the channel-style shank since you can flip it up and use it. Tow your stuff without being bothered by rattling and chucking from the coupler. It’s ideal for scenic drives, off-roading, and long-distance hauling, all while minimizing noise pollution. With the Adjustable Trailer Hitch, you can be confident that your trailer will remain spot-on for years to come, regardless of the weather conditions such as rain, road filth, sleet, or even dirt.

With a towing capability of 20,000 lbs, your trailer hitch may be configured to fit your needs. Tow your stuff without being bothered by rattling and tossing from the coupler. It’s ideal for scenic drives, off-roading, and long-distance hauling, all while minimizing noise pollution.

The Sleeper: oEdRo 6 Inch Drop Adjustable Trailer Hitch Ball Mount

OEDRO adjustable trailer hitch ball mount connects vehicle and trailer easily. Comes with two locks that separately secure the ball mount platform and the hitch. Fixed steel 2-5/16-inch trailer ball with 18,500 lbs capacity and a 2-inch ball with 8,000 lbs capacity. Unique wishbone design helps the junction part release stress concentration and reduce metal fatigue.

Adjustable Ball Mount. Compatible with 2.5-Inch Shank or Shaft. Hook the trailers up with 2-inch or 2-5/16-inch couplers on Class 4 grade light-duty trucks and SUVs. Made from Al-Si-Mg alloy, which is the same lightweight material used to build space shuttles. Unique wishbone design evenly distributes stress. Stiffener rib and hollow structure increase GTW & TW capability.

Drop Hitch FAQs

What is the optimum height of the tow ball?

350-420mm The 94/20/EC directive stipulates that the height of the tow ball should be between 350 and 420mm when the vehicle is “loaded”.

Can I tow more than my towing capacity?

The maximum towing capacity should not be underestimated. Exceeding the vehicle’s designed towing capacity will strain the engine and transmission, causing premature brake wear, tire damage, and even chassis deformation. This can lead to catastrophic failure during operation, resulting in property damage or serious injury.

Is it better to have the towbar too high or too low?

If the error is within 5 cm, there is nothing to worry about. It is better to have the trailer tongue too high than too low. You may be a good candidate for an adjustable ball mount.

Is it possible to reverse a 2″ hitch?

A hitch with a 2″ drop will rise 3/4″ when reversed, and most (but not all) ball mounts can be reversed.

What if the trailer is not level?

If a trailer is not level, it can have dangerous and costly effects on all who use it on the road, including swaying, loss of maneuverability, and wear. If you have ever seen a truck on the road with a trailer that is not extremely level, you will agree that it does not look good.

Is it a bad idea to tow a trailer at an angle?

If the trailer is at an angle, it can be a big problem. Ideally, the trailer should be level, but it’s worth the effort for safety reasons. Fortunately, it is possible to level a trailer almost exactly by replacing the ball mount. This is where an adjustable ball mount like MaxxTow # 70067 comes in handy.

What is the correct height for a trailer hitch?

The recommended maximum height of the trailer hitch ball is 25″ from the ground, measured at the center of the hitch ball.

How do I know if I need a drop hitch?

If the height of the hitch is greater than the height of the coupler, then the trailer coupler is too low for the hitch receiver. In this case, you will need a drop hitch or a trailer ball mount with a drop. The drop measurement is the difference between the height of the hitch and the height of the coupler.