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If you tow with your truck, it’s wise to invest in hitch-mounted mud flaps. The best hitch-mounted mud flaps are made from thick impact and UV resistant thermoplastic or heavy-duty rubber.

Mud Flaps for Trucks

Mudflaps must be durable and thick but flexible enough not to break while taking the impact from large debris like pebbles, rocks, and mud. So if you have a fifth-wheel trailer, travel trailer, boat trailer, utility trailer, horse trailer, or livestock trailer that you care about, you need quality hitch-mounted mudflaps. Durable, heavy-duty mudflaps are at least 3/8″ thick and molded with a layer of tear-resistant fabric.

Top 4 Hitch Mounted Mud Flaps Reviewed

1. Rock Tamers Mudflap System 00108

  • It fits most vehicles from small pickups to dually trucks
  • It easily installs on most 2″ receiver mounts
  • No drilling of the vehicle is required for installation
  • Adjustable width from 66 inches to 97 inches
  • The Center hub requires only 1″ clearance on the ball mount’s shank.

They measure 24.25 inches x 23.875 inches and offer excellent coverage. Rock Tamers fenders are made of durable, high-quality materials and components and are built for extended use. Rock Tamers fenders can be cut to any length using preformed cut lines, and the back of the fender has an anti-splash pattern. The tough, heavy-duty fenders are 3/8 inch thick and molded with a layer of tear-resistant fabric.

The Rock Tamers fender system with stainless steel plates is an adjustable and removable primary system. Comes with polished stainless steel plates and stainless steel mounting hardware. They are designed to provide maximum protection for your trailer from damage caused by rocks, mud, debris, and road tar.

Elegant matte black, powder-coated, UV-protected finish gives this product extreme strength and corrosion resistance. In addition, the hub and arms are made of heat-treated forged aluminum for maximum strength.

2. LUVERNE 255300 Tow Guard Hitch-Mounted Mud Flaps

This trailer protector model attaches to virtually every 2 to 3-inch ball mount shank and maintains full use of your trailer’s hitch and electrical components. Tow protectors are heavy-duty mud flaps. They attach to a ball-mounted stem using a clamping mechanism and have notches in the steel frame for dual exhaust and trailer wiring connections.

Installation of the textured rubber trailer protector is as easy as bolting it to the ball mount and mounting it to the receiver hitch. The trailer guard is fully assembled from the factory and easily trimmed for a fully customized fit.

The steel frame is covered with an extremely durable black textured powder paint finish to protect it from scratches, chips, and rust, and the rubber flap is made of tough 3/8″ thick textured rubber.

 Universal fits most full-size vans and SUVs

3. Access D100001 Roctection Hitch Mounted Mud Flaps

  • 80″ wide; rust-free aluminum frame
  • 4 Custom rubber cutters, 2″ ball mount only.
  • The minimalist design allows easy access to chains, receiver pins, and wiring.
  • Easy to install on a 2-inch receiver ball mount

ROXTER’s hitch-mounted fenders protect your toys without breaking. Unfortunately, caravans, boats, or trailers can easily get damaged when towed down the highway.

These rubber mudguards can withstand a temperature range of -40 to 200 degrees without flashing, so you know that they can withstand your weather! ROXTER’s hitch-mounted mudguards attach easily to any 2-inch receiver ball mount and can be bolted in place.

No drilling is required, and it can be easily installed and removed with simple adjustable clamps. The simple, minimalist design of this hook-on fender gives you the best coverage at an affordable price.

Protect your toys, avoid costly repairs, and maintain the value of your investment with the ROXTER Fender! Four 3/8″ thick rubber compound strips allow you to customize these fenders further to fit your needs.

4. Smart Solutions, Inc. 00011 Rock Solid 14″ x 68″ Back Guard for Pickup

Rocksolid is a full-width trailer guard that blocks rocks and road debris from causing scratches, debris, and dents in your boat, RV, or motor vehicle during towing.

Slides for easy access to the spare wheel. Rock Solid is made of tough, all-weather TPR (thermoplastic rubber) material. Keeps the tow vehicle well protected from road debris.

The two-piece design features strips of a pliable material that attach to the steel angled channels. Two are included. It connects to 2″ receiver hitches and slides up and down for easy removal when not in tow.

LUVERNE’s textured rubber towing shield is a simple towing shield that provides a reliable barrier between the tow vehicle and trailer Hitch Accessories.

Additionally, unlike most fenders designed for permanent installation, the trailer protector can be conveniently installed and removed as needed using a heavy-duty clamping system.

Debris can quickly become a barrage of easily avoidable damage. The LUVERNE Trailer Protector is constructed with a sturdy steel frame and high-strength recycled rubber flaps. Each LUVERNE textured rubber trailer protector is also manufactured here in the USA to ensure the highest quality. It does not merely cover the rear tires but also acts as a full-width wall at the rear of the vehicle, providing excellent protection for the trailer.

Trailer guards are available in a 72″ universal width to fit most full-size trucks and SUVs, with two flap length options including 15″ and 20″. When selecting the right length for your vehicle, we recommend a minimum clearance of 4″ when loaded and a maximum clearance of 7″ when unloaded.

Hitch-Mounted Mud Flaps – Basics

Being hitch mounted, these style mud flaps can easily be removed after towing season or when not needed, although most people choose to leave them on year-round.

When you’re not towing with the flaps installed, you’re helping to protect the vehicles behind you from broken windshields or paint chips. Plus, let’s face it their stylish. They give your truck a rugged semi-truck look.

Trailer Hitch Mud Flap Types

Hitch mounted mudflaps are sold as universal fit or vehicle specific to ensure their width. They are super easy to install, using only basic hand tools, and usually no drilling required.

The mud flaps screw onto metal plates attached to either powder-coated steel or heat-treated, forged aluminum arms. The mounting hardware to attach the flaps (preferably stainless steel screws) should also be corrosion resistant.

Those arms then attach to a steel powder-coated hub having a shank that will mount to a standard 2-inch hitch receiver.

Fitting the Mud Flaps to your Truck

Cutting a Mud Flap to Fit

If installed on a dually truck, make you purchase wide enough mudflaps to provide the coverage you need. If the flaps happen to be too wide (maybe you don’t have a dually) or too long, most mudflaps can be cut as needed.

The better flaps provide pre-molded cut lines to make it easier. Most of the time, with the better hitch, mounted units, no matter the truck’s height, too long is not a problem.

Better units have rotating arms, and when rotated, raise or lower the arms to adjust for the height of your truck and the length of the flaps.

A quality built setup will offer a long life of use. 

Mud Flaps Make Your Road Trip Safer

Mud Flaps make driving in rain safer

Large hitch mud flaps help protect against rear-end collisions. In addition, during and after a heavy rain, they help knock down a lot of misting water kicked up from your tires and swirling around behind your vehicle. That gives motorists behind you traveling at highway speeds towards the back of your vehicle better visibility. In fact, some also have integrated LED light bars that plug into standard 4-wire trailer connections, which help improve visibility even further.