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What is a Sliding Fifth Wheel Hitch?

A slider or sliding fifth wheel hitch is towing hardware installed to the bed of a short bed truck. It slides forward to allow the trailer to sit directly over the rear axle for normal towing operations but can slide aft while performing low-speed, tight turns.

Short Bed Trucks - The Towing Issue

Many RV owners want to use short bed trucks to tow their trailers because they have shorter wheelbases than extended-cab models, and they have more usable passenger space.

The problem is that if you place the trailer's weight at the kingpin over the axle to provide proper weight distribution, the truck will be more difficult to drive and maneuver.

If the truck and trailer come into contact unintentionally, the damage to the truck cab and risk of injury to passengers can be significant.

In addition, there is the stress of constantly being aware that the problem is always present, as well as the inconvenience of dealing with insurance companies in the event of an accident while on vacation or at a congested gas station or RV park.

The last thing you want to do on your vacation is spending time finding glass repair firms and body shops.

Various businesses have come up with unique methods to addressing the issue.  Finally, the auto sliding fifth wheel hitch solution resolves the short bed issue.