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If you are towing a trailer, you’re going to need towing mirrors to change lanes safely and while backing the trailer. There is a myriad of choices available that start around fifteen dollars to well over two hundred dollars. The cost can vary widely based on the type of mirror (universal, custom fit, or replacement) and the features it offers.

There are also safety standards for tow mirrors that you need to consider when choosing one for your vehicle. You will want to look at the width of the mirror.

About Universal Towing Mirrors

When it comes to tow mirrors, universal mirrors are the cheapest. These no-frills mirrors work with nearly any vehicle by attaching to the vehicle’s existing mirrors with clips or ratchet straps.

The better ones will not obstruct the view of the original mirror.

Since they work with nearly any vehicle, these one size fits all mirror extensions for towing often look a little silly, and you’re not likely to impress anyone with them. But the important thing is that they serve their purpose.

To mount them and remove them is usually quick and easy. However, with that said, they can also be easily stolen just as quickly. Because of that, they are usually mounted and used temporarily and then removed when no longer needed, although you could leave them attached year round if you wish.

Universal tow mirrors are a good solution if:

  • You only tow your trailer a few times a year.
  • You’re on a budget.
  • Custom tow mirrors are not available for your vehicle.
  • You plan to use them on multiple vehicles.

Best Universal Towing Mirrors

Pricing Key: Prices fluctuate. Each $ = approximately $10.00.

ImageBrandViewable Mirror SizeSingle or Dual MirrorClamp or Strap SecuredSold as Individual Mirrors or as PairPrice
CIPA 119505" x 7.5"SingleStrapIndividual$
Fit System 3891
5 1/8" x 7 3/4"SingleStrapIndividual$$$
Fit System 3990
5"x 7"DualStrapPair$$$$$
Milenco Grand Aero 3 XXL6" X 8.5"SingleClampPair$$$$$ $$$$$ $$$

About Custom Towing Mirrors

Custom mirrors either slide-on or snap-on to existing factory mirrors, often with no tools required. Because of this, they are often called Clip-On mirrors. With slide-on mirrors, you twist a threaded tightening knob, and they are securely attached. They give a clean, factory-like look to your car or truck and literally only take about a minute or two to install.

With that said, you do want to check that the tightening screw remains tight periodically. With road vibrations and wind, these types of mirrors can loosen themselves and fall off while driving down the road or cause etching on the original factory mirror if they are not firmly attached.

With clip-on tow mirrors, there is no obstruction to your factory-mounted mirror.

Custom towing mirrors are a good solution if:

  • First, you are looking for a semi-permanent solution.
  • Second, you want a stock look without having to replace the stock mirror.
  • Third, you only tow with a specific and common vehicle.
  • Finally, you are looking for a mid-priced solution.

Best Clip-On Towing Mirrors

Pricing Key: Prices fluctuate. Each $ = approximately $10.00.

ImageBrandSingle or Dual MirrorSold as Individual Mirrors or as PairPrice
CIPA 10950 Chevrolet/GMCSinglePair$$$$$ $$$
Fit System 81600 Ford F-150/F-250SinglePair$$$$
Fit System 80700 Dodge RamSinglePair$$$$$
Fit System 81300 Toyota Tundra/SequoiaSinglePair$$$

About Replacement Towing Mirrors

Replacement towing mirrors are the top end of towing mirrors and replace your existing stock mirrors. Of course, you need a replacement tow mirror made specifically for your vehicle.

Being a permanent solution, they are still pretty easy to install. In most cases, you remove about 3 screws and pull off the electrical connection, if any. Then, install the new mirror by connecting the electrical connector if your vehicle has an outlet, and put the screws back in.

Many trucks have non-powered mirrors but have the outlets on the vehicle for the option of dealer upgrades later. So with that said, you can often buy OEM mirrors, but aftermarket mirrors are usually less expensive.

So the neat part is that you can now have tow mirrors with powered features such as being heated, having puddle lamps, and turn signals even if your existing mirror was not powered. Installation with both mirrors generally takes under 30 minutes.

Replacement towing mirrors are a good solution if:

  • You need to replace the existing mirror with a better one.
  • You want a permanent solution.
  • You only tow with a specific vehicle.
  • The budget is less of a quality concern.

Best Replacement Towing Mirrors

Pricing Key: Prices fluctuate. Each $ = approximately $10.00.

ImageModelFeaturesSold as Individual Mirrors or as PairPrice
DEDC Ford F250 F350 F450Telescoping


Integrated Turn Signals

Power Adjustable
Pair$$$$$ $$$$$ $$$$$ $$
Fit System 62075-76G Chevrolet/GMC/CadillacTelescoping


Integrated Turn Signals

Power Adjustable
Pair$$$$$ $$$$$ $$$$$ $$$$$ $$$$$ $$

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Tow Mirror Features in General

Features to look for in towing mirrors include the ability to telescope (extend or retract the mirror’s arm length), dual lenses and heated mirrors, puddle lamps, and integrated turn signals.

Telescoping Towing Mirrors – To see out past the trailer’s side, tow mirrors need to extend farther from the side of the vehicle than normal side mirrors. Temporary tow mirrors can be easily removed when not needed. On permanent mirrors, not so much. Telescoping allows the mirrors to be returned to a normal, non-towing position when you are not towing a trailer. Almost all telescoping mirrors are extended manually.

Heated Towing Mirrors – Great for driving in extreme weather or to remove morning dew. Adds convenience and safety. On some dual mirrors, only the main mirror is heated.

Dual Mirror Towing Mirrors – Mirrors with dual lenses allow you to see two different angles, the big mirror showing the lane next to you and the smaller mirror to check your blind spot. Of course, the size of the mirror itself can be important as well. You don’t want to change lanes hoping someone is not there. You want to know for sure.

Integrated Turn Signal – Helpful to let vehicles alongside your vehicle or trailer by providing an advanced notice that you intend to change lanes.

Power Adjustable – This allows you to adjust the angle of the main mirror electrically.

Just be careful when buying tow mirrors. If you expect to receive a set of mirrors, make sure they are being sold that way. Sometimes they are sold as just single mirrors.