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So you’ve finally decided to size up your Dodge Caravan for a trailer hitch. Thankfully we are here to help you out. For as simple as trailer hitches look, they can be a ton of work to pick out. Trailer hitches all kind of look the same, but they can each accomplish different features. So today, we will talk to you about our favorite and what we consider the best trailer hitch for Dodge Caravan’s model years 2008 through 2020.

The CURT 13364 Class 3 Trailer Hitch

If you are even slightly an automobile fan then you’ve likely heard of CURT. CURT is one of the biggest makers of trailer hitches around, and their work tends to stand on its own accord. That is why we’ve led you to the CURT 13364 Class 3 Trailer hitch. There are a ton of reasons to like this piece of machinery, and we’ll break them down for you step by step.

What is the towing capacity of a Dodge Caravan?

First off, the CURT 13364 is a heavy-duty, class 3 trailer hitch. Class 3 trailer hitches are typically reserved for full-on pickup trucks and sizable SUVs. The point of a class 3 hitch is to tow along quite a bit of weight. Class 3 hitches are rated between 3,500 and 8,000 lbs. So to know your towing limit, you should look at the weight of your vehicle. For example, the 2020 Dodge Caravan weighs about 4,500 lbs, which means that you’d be comfortably able to tow 3,600 lbs, be it in the form of a trailer or another vehicle.

Why a Class 3 hitch?

When you start considering the prospect of towing your vehicle, you must be prepared to follow as many safety precautions as possible. This applies to trailer hitches specifically because your class decides what you can safely haul. For example, if you get a class 1 trailer hitch and then haul above your towing capacity, you could end up with a nightmare scenario while driving around town or even, heaven forbid, on the highway.

A class 3 trailer hitch is graded out as the perfect fit for your Dodge Caravan. You get more than enough towing capacity for your vehicle, and you should have no problems meeting the rigorous demands of the road. In addition, class 3 hitches can handle a gross trailer weight of nearly 12,000 pounds — far more than you’ll ever have to worry about. Class 3 hitches are also tested heavily before ever going to market, making them one of the safest hitches available for your needs.

CURT 13364 Specs.

Next up, we should probably point out the essential specs. The CURT 13364 class 3 trailer hitch has a 2″ receiver tube, matching any Dodge Caravan models in our list above (2008 – 2019). The hitch itself is solid steel and coated with rust-resistant powder. So you won’t have to worry about this bad boy getting gunked up over the years. The hitch weighs around 50 lbs, and it measures out at 27 x 56 x 10 inches. This is a hefty piece of equipment, but luckily for you, it’s easier to install than you would think.

How easy is the CURT 13364 to install?

As we alluded to above, our favorite thing about the CURT 13364 is just how easy it’s to install. But you may need a ball mount. You’ll have to go ahead and pick up your ball mount at a separate time, but there are many affordable options available to you. That shouldn’t be a problem. Now, back to the installation process. This is a no-drill trailer hitch, which means that you can keep the power tools set aside. You’ll probably need a hand jacking up your vehicle and a second to help brace the hitch while you attach the bolts. This is a heavy metal piece, so it can be pretty tiring if you do it yourself. You should also know that you won’t have to make any alterations to your vehicle’s rear, for the most part. You don’t have to trim down any metal or adjust your rear fascia for the Dodge Caravans we listed above. All you do is install the hitch and get right to work.

What hitch ball do I need?

If you decide to go ahead and get your hitch ball at the same time, we can help guide you in that direction. There is no specific hitch ball for every person; instead, you’re going to need to tailor your search based on the trailer or equipment you will be hauling. First, scope out your receiver (which should be 2 inches for the Caravans we listed above) and then make a note of the angle. You can use your ball hitch at a lower and higher level, depending on what you will be hauling. When in doubt, look for a 2″ square ball mount and opt for something higher in quality in terms of make and model.

A few closing thoughts.

The CURT 13364 ticks off all of the boxes that make for a high-quality piece of equipment. It’s made of a long-lasting material, coated in resistant Bonderite, and made with the heaviest loads in mind regarding towing capacity. However, what we like the most about the CURT 13364 is it’s affordable and easy to install. It would be best if you spent more time on the road and less time worrying about your trailer hitch’s install process. The Best Trailer Hitch for a Dodge Caravan is the CURT 13364.

The Dodge Grand Caravan is a minivan that’s manufactured by Chrysler. This vehicle has a towing capacity of 3,500 pounds.

Grand Caravan History & Overview

In 1948, the Dodge brothers introduced a new car called Dodge Grand Caravan. The first generation of the Dodge Grand Caravan was actually a four-door station wagon. It was the most expensive and luxurious model of all of the Dodge vehicles at that time.

In 1965, Chrysler bought out the company and made substantial changes to its vehicles. The company no longer offered station wagons but rather introduced a new compact van model called Voyager. In 1975, Chrysler reintroduced their station wagon models as Dodge Caravans and renamed them to dodge grand caravan.

The Dodge Grand Caravan offers a breadth of features, premium materials, and powertrain options. As a result, it’s easy to find the perfect combination of capability and performance to meet your needs.