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For the past couple of years, the Honda Fit has exploded onto the scene as the perfect blend of power and economical fuel usage. For years we’ve loved the power that the Honda Fit has brought to the road, and now we are going to dig into its real hidden power: towing capacity.

We’ll be looking at the best trailer hitch for your Honda Fit if your model is anywhere in the last three years (2015 – 2020). So without further ado, let’s jump on in and discuss the CURT 114063 Class 1 Receiver Hitch.

Towing with the Honda Fit

At first glance, the Honda Fit is a sizable car, but that size is hidden beneath a light frame and body. The 2020 Honda Fit weighs in at only 2,600 pounds. Typically lighter cars have trouble towing heavier payloads, but that shouldn’t scare you off too much. The Honda Fit is perfectly matched up with the CURT 114063 class 1 trailer hitch.

The latest Honda Fit model is capable of towing nearly 2,000 lbs. Now, you won’t be hauling a full-sized boat behind you — even with the rugged CURT 114063 trailer hitch — but you are still going to be set up to haul enough for convenience sake.

Swinging our focus back to the CURT 114063 trailer hitch, we need to talk about what it can and can’t handle. The CURT 114063 is a class 1 hitch, which means that you aren’t ever going to want to surpass 2,000 lbs in raw towing capacity. You can go a long way with 2,000 lbs of towing power, including small trailers, ATVs, canoes, and more.

In addition, the CURT 114063 trailer hitch is explicitly built to be compatible with new Honda Fit models.

Honda Fit Trailer Hitch Details

The CURT 114063 is a powerful piece of equipment thanks to its unique All-American build, exhausting pre-release tests, and meticulous quality control at the CURT factory. The CURT 114063 weighs in at a steady 31 lbs, making it light for a heavy-duty hitch but heavy for a class 1 hitch. In addition, the CURT 114063 is built out of steel and cured with liquid Bonderite to ensure that the hitch won’t wear down due to the exposure it receives from the elements.

Before CURT ever lets a single hitch go to market, they make sure to test them in high-stress situations exhaustively. The CURT 114063 is pressure treated, precision welded, and then stress tested until it can pass even the most rigorous safety standards. When you are towing something on the highway, you want to be sure that it won’t leave your car due to a few bumps and bruises from a rough ride. Safety first with trailer hitches, always.

The CURT 114063 has a 1.25″ receiver hitch, packaged with a standard CURT ball mount. This receiver hitch size is specific to the Honda Fit, so keep that in mind if you are shopping for a different vehicle model. The 1.25″ receiver hitch size isn’t standard to most other cars, so you should know that the CURT 114063 is specialized for this fit.

Having a custom trailer hitch fitted for your vehicle is a massive benefit because it prevents you from needing to shop around through the trial and error phase.

We will also add that the CURT 114063 comes pre-packaged with a traditional and old-style version of the 1 1/4″ ball mount that you’ll need to get your hitch set up and operating. When this ball mount is installed correctly, you will be looking at roughly 8 to 10 feet of clearance on whatever it is that you are deciding to tow, pending a few other minor factors.

Installation Process

Alright, now that you know the specific details about the CURT 114063, we can talk a little bit more about the installation phase. We believe that the CURT 114063 is one of the easiest hitches to install on the market, and that played a massive role in selecting it as the best trailer for the Honda Fit. So we’ll go ahead and give you a quick walkthrough of the installation process.

If you have a Honda Fit in the model range we listed above, you will look at an easy half-hour of work. The trailer hitch comes with everything you need for a clean and quick installation — including quality instructions.

You’ll start by unbolting the muffler on your Honda Fit before taking off your exhaust hangers — two single bolts for each part of the process. Next, you’ll have to thread in the carriage bolts into the factory drilled frame of your Fit before tightening the trailer hitch with a torque wrench.

When that is all done, you can re-install your muffler, dust off your hands, and call it a day. Like we said — pretty straightforward.

Closing Thoughts

When you start searching for a trailer hitch, you will want to focus on three primary traits: weight class, installation process, and price point. The CURT 114063 class 1 trailer hitch checks the box on all three of these categories and aces them with ease.