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The Honda Odyssey has been in development by Honda since way back in 1994. This all utility minivan has seen a surge in popularity, persisting today, thanks to its multi-functionality. While early models didn’t have the sort of eye appeal that current models do, they’ve always been laboriously used for multiple purposes.

The strength of the Honda Odyssey and its large amount of seating room makes it perfect for hauling people as well as trailers or other heavy burdens. For many folks, the next reasonable question is: what sort of hitch do I need?

Types of Hitch

Most people don’t use the word hitch in their common vocabulary; much less would they know what types of hitches are available to them. So before we break down the best hitch for your needs, we figure that we better show you the two styles you will most likely be running across.

Fixed Tongue Hitch
The fixed tongue hitch is no longer commonly used due to it being problematic when not being utilized. A fixed tongue hitch is exactly what it sounds like a permanently (fixed) installation that can be used to haul some serious poundage. The biggest issue with this hitch style is that they add length to your vehicle’s back when not in use, and they cannot be taken off of your Odyssey when you are done. These are installations for the duration of your use of the vehicle unless you feel like going through the rigorous process of tearing it down every time you are done.

Receiver Hitch
This is the hitch you will see bought and used on pretty much every Honda Odyssey you run across. The receiver hitch is uber-popular with SUVs, RVs, and even vans, and it comes in the two most popular sizes: 1 1/4 and 2 inches. You can install this type of hitch on either end of your vehicle for hauling or being hauled. These hitches come available in Class I and II styles and II and IV for weight distribution purposes.

Best Selling Hitch Receiver for the Honda Odyssey:

CURT 13068 Class III Receiver Hitch

Now that we know a little bit about hitches, it’s time to dive into one of the best hitches on the market with the Curt 13068 Class III Receiver Hitch, which we’ll shorten up to Curt 13068. Curt is one of the largest brands involved in the hitch manufacturing process, and they’ve become the industry leader in towing materials. So it stands to reason that Honda Odyssey drivers want the best hitch for their vehicle, which is where they should start looking.

Curt 13068 fits into the Class III tow ranking, which means that it can handle up to 8,000 lbs of pull weight. This hitch was specially made to comply with the Honda Odyssey’s towing abilities, so you know that you are getting something congruent with what you can haul. If you need to pull more than what the Odyssey typically would allow, you can look into getting a weight distribution system (mentioned above). Whatever you are hauling, you need to make sure that it fits into the Class III weight limit. Let’s move on and analyze this powerful little beast from head to toe (pun intended).

So the Curt 13068 Class III receiver has a 2-inch opening, so you would want to make sure you select a 2″ tow hitch. One of the big reasons we’re a fan of this hitch is how easy it is to install and remove when not needed. You’ve got a hitch that requires no welding or drilling at installation, and you need to add the hitch ball and ball mount to finish off and get towing. We are personally fans of products that you can receive, install, and use without having to go through a whole ordeal. That’s exactly where we find ourselves with the 13068.

Furthermore, if craftsmanship is vital to you, you will be happy to know that this USA-made receiver hitch is made with both safety and durability in mind. The 13068 breezed its way through safety tests (SAE J684) and performed rigorously before they are ever allowed to hit the market. The hitch has been expertly welded to fit the Odyssey perfectly. The receiver hitch is made out of steel, and it has a thorough, solid finish. The first coating fired onto the 13068 is the Bonderite liquid, followed by a weatherproof black powder finish. What you end up with is a beautiful hitch that is as strong as it is pretty to look at and will last a lifetime.

When you order the 13068 Class III Hitch Receiver, you will end up receiving a 44 lbs package that includes a limited lifetime warranty, mounting hardware, and instructions on how to install the device. As we said above, the hitch ball and ball mount will need to be acquired separately, though they are not large purchases. However, with the non-drilling, non-welding installation, you should have your receiver hitch ready to go within only a few minutes of beginning the installation process. What can be better than an easy-to-install, quality product? We’re not sure either.

Honda Odyssey Hitch Alternatives

If you aren’t sold on the Curt 13068 Class III Receiver Hitch, for whatever reason, we have another option for you to pick from. While we would place the following hitch option a tier below the 13068, it is still a quality choice.

Reese Towpower 44174 Class III Custom-Fit Hitch

We are picking up the second big boy on our list of hitch receivers for the Honda Odyssey. The Reese Towpower 44174 is a heavy-duty piece of gear that will fit right at home on the back of your Odyssey. You have up to 350 pounds of tongue weight with a GTW of just 3,500 pounds. The standard 2-inch receiver makes another appearance here to make it entirely compatible with your Odyssey.

While the Reese Towpower 44174 may not be as heavy-duty as the options listed above, it makes up for this with ease of use, ease of installation, and long-term durability. The Reese Towpower 44174 is rigorously tested for safety before hitting the market, and it is made of fully welded steel with a protective coating. This 44-pound hitch is easy as it can be to install and even easier to use once installed.