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Looking for reliable, high-quality Trailer Hitch Mounted LED Lights? Look no further! Our team of experts has thoroughly tested the top 10 selling models on the market and compiled a list of the best options for you to choose from.

Do you often struggle to see your trailer when driving at night or in low light conditions? Do you worry about the safety of your trailer and its contents while on the road? These concerns are completely understandable and common among trailer owners. Lack of proper lighting can lead to accidents and damage to your trailer and its contents.

Our top recommendations for Trailer Hitch Mounted LED Lights provide a reliable and effective solution to these problems. These lights are easy to install and provide bright, clear lighting for your trailer, increasing visibility and safety while on the road.

Trailer hitch mounted LED lights are a convenient way to add additional lighting to your vehicle when towing a trailer or other equipment. These lights attach to the back of your vehicle’s trailer hitch and can be used to improve visibility and increase safety when towing at night or in low light conditions.

There are several different types of trailer hitch mounted LED lights available, each with its own set of features and benefits.

Bully, Reese, MaxxHaul, EBESTauto, CZC AUTO, iJDMTOY, and COR FA make some of the best LED hitch lights money can buy. Today’s best LED hitch lights are great selections. It’s amazing how many different led hitch lights are available.

The lifespan of Trailer Hitch Mounted LED Lights can vary depending on the specific model and the conditions in which they are used. In general, LED lights have a longer lifespan than traditional incandescent bulbs and can last up to 50,000 hours or more. Read on for our top picks of the best LED hitch lights out there today. 

Top 5 Best Led Hitch Lights Reviewed

1. LED Work Light PodsEBESTauto 4 Inch LED Light Bar with 2.5 Inch Towing Hitch Mount Brackets LED Bar for Truck Trailer SUV Pickup Fit Dual Led Off-Road Driving Lightbar(FedExUPS)

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These crazy bright Pods EBEST 4 Inch Hitch Mount LEDs are amazing. They are super bright white 18W 1800LM LEDs that you have to see to believe. Comes with the necessary hardware and adjustable brackets to mount yourself, so you can easily attach it to your hitch. Very versatile led hitch light that performs well across the board and is the best LED Hitch lighting.  High-strength black aluminum alloy housing keeps the temperature low and the LED can run cooler and brighter. Polycarbonate lens with high light transmittance to reduce optical loss.See more on Amazon…

2. CZC AUTO Red Lens Trailer Hitch Cover with 12 LED Brake Light Fit 2″ Receiver

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The CZC AUTO hitch cover light has 12LED for brake light, rear fog light function. It fits a standard 2 x 2 hitch receiver. Super High visibility and Longer Lifetime LED advantage. Foam gasket to ensure a snug fit.See more on Amazon…

3. iJDMTOY 35-035-Smoked Dark Smoke Lens Tail/Brake Light for Truck SUV Trailer Class 3/4/5 2-Inch Towing Hitch Receiver Powered by 15 Super Bright Red LED Bulbs

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iJDMTOY’s entry-level led hitch light continues to impress. Trendy dark black smoke lens 15-LED brake lamp assembly providing added safety when your hitch is not in use. Square shape tow hole 3rd third LED brake lamp, size: 3-1/4 x 3- 1/4 inches to fit 2 standard tow hitch and function as a tail brake light or rear fog light. The low cost and high functionality of this led Hitch light by iJDMtoY is hard to top.See more on Amazon…


4. COR FAB GEN 2 Trailer Hitch Receiver Mount Reverse Back up Square Led Light System

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Simple installation. Plugs in to 7 pin trailer connection. No assembly required Factory tested; steel construction with powder coated finish. Complete assembly, includes mount and 2 high output LED lights.See more on Amazon…


5. Bully CR-007XL Universal Extra Large Tow Hitch Cover/Receiver Trailer Plug in Black with LED Brake Light with No Manufacturer Logo or Emblem – Car SUV and Truck Accessories

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Bully is a well known brand in the led hitch light industry. This hitch light alerts other drivers to slow down or stop when you do. Wiring harness plugs into your vehicle’s existing 4-pole plug.See more on Amazon…


Hitch-Mounted Back-Up Lights

Depending on the type of light you purchase, it can either provide super-bright rear-facing lights while reversing or glow red, acting as an additional taillight when braking. Some models of hitch lights incorporate both features.

The most popular hitch back-up has to be the adjustable work light pod style with a mount that clamps around the receiver. This style offers a universal fit and still allows the hitch’s full use while the lights are still mounted. They also tend to be super bright and can light up the entire viewing area.

The better LED lights offer an incredible amount of light, up to 1800 lumens. Unfortunately, that amount of light generates a lot of heat. Avoid the cheap lights housed in plastic pods and get a set with an aluminum housing, preferably with cooling fins. This may cost a little more but will prolong the life of the lights.

Hitch-Mounted Brake Lights

With this hitch light style, you make your vehicle stand out on the road with additional illuminating brake lights. These lights serve not to improve your vision but to make you more visible. Alert other drivers to slow or stop by illuminating red when your vehicle’s brakes, hazard lights, or turn signals are activated.

Powering your Hitch Lights


Must have the correct trailer hitch electrical connectorThis is all accomplished by effortlessly plugging the lights wiring connector into your vehicle’s trailer hitch 4-pin flat wiring connector.

Plugging into an existing trailer light power connector makes applying power to the device a breeze. Plus, it allows for the communication needed, so the lights react when braking or reversing.

Nearly all LED mounted lights sold connect to a 4-pin flat trailer hitch wiring connector. If you have the round 7 pin connector, you may need to buy a 7 to 4-pin adapter.



Error message from LED Tow Lights

Note: Some newer trucks, such as the Ford F-150 2015 model and later may detect if the trailer socket is being used. Plugging in LED lights can activate this trailer’s turn signal failure message, which is completely normal. You can turn off the trailer mode when the warning appears or ignore the message.