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Most Class I and Class II receiver hitches with a receiver size of 1-1/4-inch accept a 1/2-inch diameter hitch pin. However, class III, IV, and V hitches with a 2-inch receiver size have higher towing capacities and need the larger and stronger 5/8-inch diameter hitch pin.

Top 5 Trailer Hitch Pins Reviewed

1. CURT 23518 Black Trailer Hitch Lock

Make your tow vehicle or trailer more secure by locking it with a CURT hitch lock. The CURT hitch pin provides enough force to hold the ball hitch in place. Still, CURT locks go even further, allowing you to lock your ball hitch to the trailer hitch to deter theft and prevent someone from removing your trailer from the ball hitch and taking your belongings without authorization.

This CURT hitch pin lock comes with a 5/8″ diameter pin that fits into a 2″ receiver tube (the usable length of the pin is 2850″, it will not work with double-wall receiver tubes). The CURT coupling lock consists of two end pins and a round locking mechanism. They are key-operated and activated by a simple quarter turn. They also feature a dust-tight cover to keep the elements out and prevent corrosion.

For optimal trailer security, the hitch locks and tow locks can be used together to secure both the vehicle and the trailer’s side in the trailer configuration. Make your toys safer with CURT hitch locks for your boat, ATV, or truck.

2. Master Lock 2866DAT 1/2 in. and 5/8 in. Swivel Head Receiver Lock

This CURT hitch lock is a bar model and comes with a 5/8″ diameter pin that fits 2″ receiver tubes (pin length is 2850″, it will not work with double-wall receiver tubes.) The CURT rod lock is a round lock with a pin capped on both sides. The CURT rod locks consist of a round locking mechanism with pins capped on both sides. They are locked and triggered by a simple quarter turn. For optimal trailer security, hitch locks and hitch locks can be used to secure both the vehicle and trailer sides of a trailer configuration. For your boat, ATV or truck, keep your toys safer with a CURT hitch lock.

Master Lock No. 2866DAT is available in 13mm and 16mm Swivel Head™ locks. The receiver lock features a push-to-lock mechanism easily operated by pressing the lock body firmly against the pin and removing the key. Weatherproof gaskets and a waterproof cover provide additional protection against moisture and debris. With a limited lifetime warranty, you can completely trust this brand.

3. Trimax Standard 5/8″ Dia. Resettable Combination Hitch Pin

Run-of-the-mill cheap hitch pins are typically just solid steel. Steel pins are strong, but heat-treated steel pins have superior strength and toughness. They are less likely to bend, break, and wear compared to non-heat-treated steel pins.

The best hitch pins offer more corrosion resistance than the cheap ones due to various premium finish options. Some finishes are more corrosion-resistant to the elements than others.

Zinc-finished pins have some degree of corrosion resistance. Yellow chrome zinc finish pins are more corrosion-resistant than galvanized pins. Galvanized and black galvanized steel pins are the most corrosion-resistant of the steel pins. Then there is the highly corrosion-resistant stainless steel as well.

4. Let’s Go Aero (SHP2040-XL) Keyless Press-on Locking Silent Hitch Pin

Enjoy the sound of silence with the Silent Pin. The patented Let’s Go Aero Silent Hitch Pin removes shock loads from the hitch connection and eliminates free play between the hitch and towing equipment. The result is a stationary trailer and a quiet, unobtrusive ride.

All towing devices hollowed out in the hitch, such as ball carriers, hitch holders, and bike racks, stay in place, and weatherproof locks deter theft of your possessions. The Let’s Go Aero brand includes hitch carriers, bike carriers, lightweight trailers, and car shelters that take the hassle out of moving and let you focus on having fun.

5. BRINKS Hitch Pin with Padlock

The Brinks includes 40mm 1-9/16″ laminated steel weather-resistant padlock. Use the included padlock to secure the pin. This lock has a 4-brass-pin pick-resistant tumbler cylinder. The hitch pin is chrome-plated steel. The bend in the pin makes it easy to insert and remove

The Diameter of the Hitch Pin is 5/8”. 

This is the perfect kit for locking up anything that may be exposed to the elements.

Types of Hitch Pins

Hitch Pin for Anti-Rattle

Being threaded, the hitch pin can be tightened to accommodate the slight deviations in receiver wall thickness.

Most use a threaded hitch pin that eliminates annoying rattling and vibration and wobbling by eliminating play within the drawbar when towing.

Anti-rattle pins are available with and without locks. Anti-Rattle pins without locks still tend to offer more security than a standard clip hitch pin. A standard hitch pin with a clip can be removed more quickly than a threaded hitch pin tightened to the receiver.

Hitch Pins with Locks

A hitch lock is designed to secure a ball mount or hitch mount accessory by inserting it into a fastener hole in the side of the receiver tube, like a pin or hitch clip. It provides instant security to your RV, boat, trailer, or even just your ball hitch mount by securing it to your vehicle.

Hitch Pins with Combination Locks

These are great as there is no key to lose or forget. But, unfortunately, there is a minimal selection to choose from.

Hitch Pin Locks Keyed Alike

Most keyed alike locks are sold as 2 locksets, although a few offer 3 or more. One key will opens all locks. Make sure to check how many keys you will receive. Some consider you should get 2 keys on a ring per lock, while other bundles will only provide 2 keys total regardless of the number of locks included.

PadLock Hitch Pins

Use a padlock to secure these pins. Unfortunately, these are not common and can be difficult to find. You may have to provide your own padlock, but sometimes a padlock is included.

Hitch Pins FAQ’s

What is a hitch pin?

This is a hitch pin

A hitch pin keeps the ball mount from coming out of the trailer hitch receiver when towing. Instead, it goes through a hole that lines up in the ball mount when inserted into the trailer hitch, and the clip keeps it from coming out while traveling. There are also locking hitch pins that use a lock and not a clip.

What size is a trailer hitch pin?

Hitch pins sizes are 1-1/4-inch diameter for Class I and II hitches and 1/2-inch diameter for Class III hitches and above.

Are hitch pins universal?

Yes, hitch pins are universal unless the manufacturer states otherwise. Trailer hitch pin hole sizes and hitch receiver sizes are all standard in size. Although the hitch receiver material’s thickness may vary, hitch pins are made long enough not to be a concern for nearly all hitches. The exceptions are newer Toyota Tundra’s and 2008 and newer GM 2500 and 3500HD factory hitches often require a longer pin than normal due to the extra thick metal plates on each side of the hitch receiver.

What are hitch pins made of?

Trailer hitch pins are usually made of solid steel to withstand the high shearing force between the vehicle and trailer when accelerating and stopping.

Can I use a bolt instead of a hitch pin?

No, it is not recommended to use a bolt instead of a hitch pin. Realize a hitch pin is solid to its outside edges or its entire diameter. Threads on a bolt do not add strength, as only the bolt’s core is solid.

Are you really willing to use a bolt with unknown shear strength and risk your trailer separating your vehicle at highway speeds? Avoid potentially thousands of dollars in damage to your trailer and risk people’s lives. All over deciding to use a bolt over a cheap hitch pin that can be bought in town for under five bucks?