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The Toyota Prius is just about the only car people think of when you drop the word ‘hybrid vehicle’ into a conversation. Toyota has been developing their line of Prius automobiles since 1997, starting with their Gen 1 X10 model initially released in Japan. Over the following 20 years, Prius has spread its wings and truly expanded upon the base model, releasing several different cars in the ‘Prius Family’: the Prius, Prius V, Prius Prime, and Prius C.

Today we will walk you through selecting the best Class 1 trailer hitch for Toyota Prius for your year and model.

Listed below, you’ll see a table showing which trailer hitch is the best option for each model of Prius, and below that, you’ll see an excellent review summarizing the hitch’s top qualities. Then, after you’ve selected the right trailer hitch, keep scrolling down, and you can read the corresponding review for that hitch model. Who knew that shopping for a Toyota Prius trailer hitch could be so easy?

Best Toyota Prius Trailer Hitches – QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE

Regular PriusPrius VPrius CPrius Prime
2020CURT 11473CURT 11523CURT 11473
2019CURT 11473CURT 11523CURT 11473
2018CURT 11473 CURT 11523CURT 11473
2017CURT 11473CURT 11276CURT 11484CURT 11473
2016CURT 11473CURT 11276CURT 11484
2015CURT 11276CURT 11276CURT 11484
2014CURT 11276CURT 11276CURT 11484
2013CURT 11276CURT 11276CURT 11484
2012CURT 11276CURT 11276CURT 11484
2011CURT 11276
2010CURT 11276
2009CURT 11468
2008CURT 11468
2007CURT 11468
2006CURT 11468
2005CURT 11468
2004CURT 11468

Quick Review

Alright, now that you’ve gotten a chance to look at the chart and select the best hitch for your model of Prius, we can delve a little deeper into the details. Merely look below and find your corresponding hitch, and we’ll tell you all about what makes it the right choice for you.

CURT 11468 Class 1 Trailer Hitch

So, we’re starting off our list with the mega-popular CURT 114648 Class 1 Trailer Hitch, made exclusively for the standard 2004 – 2009 Toyota Prius.  CURT has been an industry leader in the trailer hitch market for as long as Prius has been pumping out high-quality vehicles. The CURT 114648 trailer hitch is made to handle a wide range of Prius models, and it is easy to install. This hitch is made out of hand-welded steel and protected by highly durable Bonderite and black powder coating. With a vehicle jack, you can have it installed in less than 30 minutes. The CURT 114648 is lightweight, durable, and considered one of CURT’s finest products. You shouldn’t need to make any adjustments when installing this hitch, unlike some other trailer hitches available on the market, which require you to trim your bumper.

CURT 11276 Class 1 Trailer Hitch

We continue the CURT tradition by introducing you to the CURT 11276. It was designed to fit the standard 2010-2015 Prius. This trailer hitch is lightweight, weighing in at just 5 lbs inside its box, and easy to install. CURT made this trailer hitch the lightest weight option available, but it can still handle a 2,000 lb haul. As above, the CURT 11276 is precision welded, backed by a lifetime warranty, and made to last thanks to a slew of industry-exceeding stress tests that CURT takes upon itself to implement.

CURT 11426 Class 1 Trailer Hitch

Made for the standard 2016-2018 Prius, the CURT 11426 is a well-designed trailer hitch that offers you a bunch of power with ease of installation. The CURT 11426 is well made and durable, but it takes a bit longer to get installed than the prior models we’ve listed. Thankfully there are plenty of how-to videos on the internet, including a very informative one on ETrailer, that will aid you along the way. The CURT 11426 features a low profile, and it doesn’t hang at all from your Prius, so no worries there. This hitch, like all Class 1 hitches, has a towing capacity of near 2,000 lbs. Of course, you can tow anything below that weight as well, so don’t worry about having a little bit of overkill.

CURT 11484 Class 1 Trailer Hitch

If you want to do some hauling with your 2012 – 2017 Prius C, you will need one of these hitches. The CURT 11484 is a newer hitch in the CURT catalog, but it handles like an old pro. You can have this hitch installed and ready to tow roughly 2,000 lbs in under an hour. The installation process for this hitch rests in a simple process of moving 6 bolts around. All you’ll need for tools are a ratchet, a flathead, and some sockets. Seriously, it’s hard to explain how easy and pain-free installing the CURT 11484 is.

CURT 114842 Class 1 Trailer Hitch

If you are driving a 2016 – 2018 Toyota Prius C, this is the only hitch you will want to bother looking at. This hitch is an improved version of the 11299, and it works for all of the newest Toyota Prius C models. This is a heavy-duty hitch that can handle around 2,000 lbs. This hitch also comes with a handy ball mount that allows for easy installation as you are going to get.

CURT 11473 Class 1 Trailer Hitch

Last but not least, the best hitch for the 2016 – 20120 Prius Prime. This hitch pretty much handles anything that you could ask for. The Prius Prime is a class 1 rated vehicle that can handle around 2,000 lbs of hauling weight. The CURT 11473 is rated at that capacity, and it has been made to deal with the stress accordingly. CURT continues its history of craftsmanship with another fine, easy to install, and sleek-looking trailer hitch. The CURT 11473 meets and exceeds all safety standards as set aside by the SAE J84 guidelines. It just doesn’t get easier than this.