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Are you’re looking for the best trailer hitch for towing? If so, this is the article for you.

It’s a fact that you can’t tow anything without a trailer hitch. So it makes sense that if you need one, you would want only the best trailer hitch for your vehicle. You should want a trailer hitch that’s made to fit your vehicle with minimal effort and modification. You should want a brand with a proven track record that stands behind their product and a model that’s rated with a towing capacity that can handle what you plan to tow.

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What is the Best Trailer Hitch?

The best trailer hitch is a Custom-Fit Receiver Hitch. The correct Custom-fit receiver hitch is guaranteed to fit your vehicle. Custom-fit hitches will usually require no drilling because it is designed to use existing vehicle bolt holes. Even when a Multi-fit trailer hitch is available that may work, the Custom-Fit trailer hitch is the best choice.

What is a Multi-Fit Trailer Hitch?

Universal trailer hitches, also known as Multi-Fit hitches, are the least expensive option. But, on the other hand, maybe you want the best price possible. So why not choose the “one size fit’s all” model?

When trailer hitch manufacturers design a Multi-Fit style hitch, their primary goal is to make it fit the greatest number of vehicles possible. This is unlike the custom hitch style, which is most often made to fit a single make and model of vehicle.

There are inherent downsides to choosing a multi-fit hitch.

First, there is a good chance one does not even exist to fit your make, model, and year vehicle. Second, they seem to be losing their popularity and are getting harder to find for late-model vehicles.

They usually include many bolts and brackets to assemble the hitch in different configurations to fit the multiple vehicles it does fit. It can be confusing as not all of the included brackets and pieces may be used to assemble it to fit your vehicle.

It’s like you’re building a hitch from a pile of parts. That results in more effort and time to install. Sometimes a multi-fit will require some drilling on the vehicle where the custom hitch would not. More assembly and drilling can increase frustration and problems as well. The installation instructions will guide you on the correct parts and possible drilling for your make and model vehicle. When drilling is required, it’s usually very minimal.

Sometimes it’s worth paying just a little more for that custom hitch, but we have included multi-fit hitches if you choose to go that route. We have reviewed multiple custom hitches for a variety of vehicles on our site.

What is a Receiver Hitch?

Receiver hitches have a square hole in the middle of the hitch tube that “receives” a tow ball mount or various other accessories.

Receiver Hitch

So with a receiver hitch, you could connect or make it “receive” other accessories such as bike racks, cargo carriers, tow hooks, and electric winches, salt spreaders, deer hoists, and mud flaps. Heck, you can even buy hammocks, barbecue grills, safes, and toilet seats for receiver hitches as well. Yes, a hitch mounted toilet seat… No kidding.

Hitches are also available as Multi-fit, also called Universal-Fit. Let’s break the terms universal and receiver as they relate to trailer hitches to see exactly what that means and why a hitch with both characteristics is better than their alternatives.

Hitch Ball Mount

This is opposed to the less popular Fixed-Drawbar style hitch.

Fixed-Bar Hitch

A Fixed-Drawbar is simply a semi-permanent bar extending beyond the rear bumper with a hole attaching the tow ball. You have probably seen this style on very old cars. Using a tow ball is the only option.

A Receiver style is better as it offers far more functionality than the Fixed-Drawbar style.

How Much Is a Towing Hitch?

Cost of Towing Trailer Hitches.

Hitch TypeHitch PriceProfessional Installation
Standard Hitch90 – 20050 – 250
Gooseneck Hitch100 – 500100 – 300
Fifth Wheel Hitch450 – 2200175 – 450

Best Trailer Hitch Manufacturer Brands.

  • Curt
  • Draw-Tite
  • Reese

We mostly promote Curt Hitches, as we believe they are the best trailer hitch manufacturer. Here’s why:

  • They have over 1,000 high precision, robotically welded hitch models, a custom hitch for nearly every make and model vehicle.
  • Curt has manufactured hitches since 1993.
  • All installation hardware is always included.
  • Hitches are co-cured, first dipped in a liquid Bonderite® undercoating, then powder-coated to prevent rust and maximize its life span.
  • Certified ISO / TS 16949 since 2015, the highest level of quality certification in the automotive industry.
  • Made from American Steel.
  • Manufactured in the USA.
  • Curt Stands behind their hitches with a Limited Life-Time Warranty.
Dipped in Liquid Bonderite for Corrosion Resistance
Powder-Coated for a UV, Scratch, and Chip Resistant Finish.

Curt’s co-cured finish means that your hitch may likely last longer than the life of your vehicle.

So without us knowing the exact specifics of your vehicle (Make, Model, and Year) and you want to know the best hitch, one of the below Multi-Fit receiver hitches may work with your vehicle.

1. CURT 13900 Multi-Fit Class 3 Hitch

Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Isuzu, Jeep, Mazda, Nissan, Plymouth, and Toyota.

2. CURT 13903 Multi-Fit Class 3 Hitch

Ford F-150’s.

3. CURT 15511 Multi-Fit Class 5 Hitch

Trucks from Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, and GMC. 

4. CURT 13902 Multi-Fit Class 3 Hitch

Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Jeep, Nissan, Oldsmobile, Plymouth, Pontiac, and Toyota.

5. CURT 13901 Multi-Fit Class 3 Hitch

Chevrolet, Ford, and GMC

6. CURT 15510 Multi-Fit Class 5 Hitch

Trucks from Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, and GMC

If you are still concerned about whether the Curt Hitch will work for your make, model, and year vehicle, you can check Curt’s Custom and Multi-Fit application guides before purchasing. Also, if you are concerned about trailer hitch classes and what they mean, we have a great article on that.