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If you’ve got trailers all over the yard or lot and have a forklift, you seriously need to consider a forklift trailer hitch. These handly little adapters add so much more functionality and value to your forklift while making moving trailers quick and easy. Just like their cousins, the bucket clamp-on hitches are made for bobcats and tractors. There is no need to crank that trailer jack up or down like you need to do with a vehicle hitch; you can lift or lower the forks to raise or lower the ball. Even better, fork hitch receivers are extremely easy and take no time to put on and remove. This is really important if you will be doing other work with your forklift between trailer moves.

A trusted trailer hitch is needed to ensure safety. We cover the best trailer hitch brands on the market including, Titan Attachments, Sulythw, YINTATECH, VEVOR, and Mophorn. Finding the perfect trailer hitch on a budget can be a difficult task. So we’ve done in-depth research for you.

Look no further than the following 10 best trailer hitches.

Top 5 Best Forklift Trailer Hitches Reviewed

1. 2-Inch Trailer Hitch Receiver for Dual Pallet Forks Forklift Towing Attachment

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2-Inch Trailer Hitch Receiver for Dual Pallet Forks Forklift Towing Attachment. Perfect for operators needing to pull trailers. It’s designed for 2inch class III and class IV inserts. It is made of 1/2inch thick steel. Strong, durable steel can support an impressive weight capacity of up to 6500 lbs. It can fit forks up to 5 wide and is compatible with 2inch trailer hitches. Its convenient size makes setup and hookup to your forklift straightforward and effortless. The true question always comes down to value. What’s THE best hitch I can get for my forklift? This one we have rated as the best hitch for a forklift.     See more on Amazon…

2. Sulythw Forklift Trailer Hitch Attachment 2″ Receiver Trailer Towing Adapter with Chain

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The sulythw is a forklift trailer hitch that you can depend on. Easy to install, reliable, and strong connection. Direct bolt connection without additional drilling required. It is made of heavy-duty steel construction. Strong gloss red powder-coated finish. Long-term outdoor use, no rust. Capacity: 3000lbs. Fits forks up to 4.5 wide and 1.3 thick. It fits a standard 2 hitch receiver. See more on Amazon…

3. Mophorn Trailer Hitch Receiver Standard 2inch Receiver Forklift Tow Attachment 1600lbs Capacity Trailer Receiver Attachment with 17.5inch Length Heavy Duty for Forklift Tractor Skid Steer

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Heavy-duty construction provides a weight capacity of 1600 lbs. All-steel material, the receiver is anti-corrosion to withstand harsh climate conditions. Powder-coated finish, ensuring that you’ll get many years of use from this receiver. Easy to use with quick connection design, installation is straightforward. Can work with varieties of forklift plates, tractors, skid steers to move trailers. It can work with different sizes of tractors, forklifts, skid steers. It seems forklift drivers get a lot of use out of it.See more on Amazon…

4. Hodenn 2 inch Forklift Hitch Receiver Dual Pallet Fork Adapter

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The Hodenn has earned a lot of favorable reviews. Use their dual fork hitch receiver to move large trailers and boats easily. The fork hitch adapter has a maximum width of 5.5 inches and a maximum thickness of 1.3 inches. Slide the adapter onto the forks, slide in your hitch, and you’re ready to go.See more on Amazon…

5. Hydraker 2″ Forklift Hitch Receiver Pallet Forks Trailer Towing Adapter

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Hydraker’s forklift hitch is heavy-duty steel construction. The maximum load capacity is 3,000 pounds. The package includes a 25-pound forklift hitch and a 66.93-inch chain. The hitch has a maximum width of 5.59 inches and a maximum thickness of 1.18 inches.See more on Amazon…