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Can I convert my 5th wheel to a gooseneck?

Yes, you can convert a fifth wheel to a gooseneck. If you have a fifth-wheel travel trailer, but your tow vehicle is already equipped with a gooseneck hitch, the fifth wheel to gooseneck adapter is a quick and easy solution.

(Gooseneck trailer and fifth wheel hitch? This is not going to work for you. You need this instead)

How does the fifth wheel to gooseneck adapter work?

These are special metal tubes where one end connects directly to the kingpin on the front of the fifth-wheel trailer and the other end of the tube attaches to a gooseneck ball in the truck bed.

This leaves your truck’s current gooseneck hitch setup unaltered and eliminates the need to purchase a fifth-wheel hitch.

Gooseneck Adapter Unique advantages:

  1. You don’t lose additional cargo space that a fifth wheel hitch would normally consume.
  2. You are still capable of hitching other gooseneck trailers you may also have.
  3. It’s less expensive and easier to install an adapter than replacing the truck’s gooseneck with a fifth-wheel hitch.

Gooseneck Adapter Cost and Installation

The fifth wheel to gooseneck adapters cost about $400 to $500. Considering that they are built out of about 40 lbs of solid steel, and they are one of the few critical links between your trailer and truck, the price is quickly justified.

Installation is generally straightforward. Because of its heavy weight, it helps to have a friend support the adapter in the air while connecting it to the trailer. Most people have found that they have it installed and pulling the trailer within 15 to 30 minutes. Although most directions do not mention it, a little Loctite (the removable type) helps ensure that the bolts do not vibrate loose over time and might not be a bad idea. It’s cheap peace of mind.

Purchasing an Adapter

There are some important considerations to take into account before you purchase the adapter, though. First, you want your trailer to ride level. Some adapters are sold as a fixed height, and some are adjustable. Although adjustable ones are more flexible in making sure you get the perfect fit, they tend to be the most expensive. So your budget will dictate which one is the best. If you are buying a fixed height adapter, you need to know how tall an adapter you need.

Measure Twice, Purchase Once.

A common mistake is measuring the distance from the truck bed to the kingpin plate on a level trailer. Instead, you actually want to measure from the top of the gooseneck ball to the kingpin plate. The reason why is when you purchase an adapter, the height of the adapter is measuring how much higher the trailer is lifted from the top of the ball (or from inside the hole on the bottom of the adapter to the top of the adapter).

Adapter measurements are not the total height of the adapter hardware itself. So, for example, if you took a tape measure to the outside of the adapter, it would measure larger than its rating.

How to properly measure:

  1. Position the truck under the camper.
  2. Level the trailer.
  3. Measure from the top of the ball hitch to the bottom of the king plate on your camper (top of the kingpin).
MeasurementSuggested Adapter Hitch Size

Popular Features found on Gooseneck to Fifth Wheel Adapters:

Couplers that lock with a padlock – You don’t want to have someone tampering with your rig when you’re not around.

Safety Chains – Many couplers don’t come with chains. Many state laws require chains for gooseneck hitches but not on fifth wheel hitches for on-road use. There is often no specific mention of adapters. You can’t go wrong by having them.

Cushioned Adapters – Makes for a smoother ride. They help eliminate jarring 360 degrees and sometimes up and down as well.

Remote Release – This allows you to disconnect from the hitch without having to climb into the bed of the truck. Uses a handle attached to a steel cable.

12″ Fifth Wheel to Gooseneck Adapters

ImageModelBall SizeTowing CapacityPrice
Eaz-Lift 485002 5/16"30K$$$$
 T Built 12002 5/16"20K$$$

15″ Fifth Wheel to Gooseneck Adapters

ImageModelBall SizeTowing CapacityPrice
T Built 15002 5/16"20K$$$
T Built 1500R2 5/16"25K$$$$
Eaz-Lift 485012 5/16"30K$$$$

17″ Fifth Wheel to Gooseneck Adapters

ImageModelBall SizeTowing CapacityPrice
T Built2 5/16"20K$$$
T Built 1700R (Remote Release)2 5/16"25K$$$$
Eaz-Lift 484902 5/16"30K$$$$

Adjustable Fifth Wheel to Gooseneck Adapters

ImageModelRangeBall SizeTowing CapacityPrice
Convert-a-ball12" to 16"2 5/16"20K$$$$$