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Is there anything more appealing than utilizing your heavy-duty truck to tow around other equally heavy-duty pieces of equipment? Towing and toting stuff are among the greatest strengths of owning these high-weight class vehicles, so you definitely will want to know how to take advantage of the ability.

If the current setup is for towing fifth-wheel trailers and you need to tow a gooseneck trailer, you may question your options. There are adapters for fifth-wheel trailers to attach to gooseneck hitches, but if you are looking at a gooseneck trailer and have a fifth-wheel hitch, you may be scratching your head. Well, it just so happens that a few companies have addressed your dilemma and created gooseneck hitches explicitly made to fit on your existing fifth wheel rails. Even if you don’t already have rails, going this route and getting rails allows you to switch between gooseneck and the fifth wheel when the need arises.

These particular hitches are relatively niche pieces of equipment. So with that said, there are limited options available in the market. It is so crucial that you get something that is enduring and high in quality.

CURT 16055 Rail Mounted Gooseneck Hitch

This hitch is easily affordable, lightweight, and incredibly durable. You will need to get yourself mounting brackets, rails, and a ball, but this gives you the utmost flexibility when designing your system. If you have experience with older 5th Wheel Hitches, then you’ll have no problem getting this one installed in no time at all.

CURT 16085 Rail Mounted Gooseneck Hitch

Our final hitch is an upgraded version of the 16055 listed above. The CURT 16085 is a heavy-duty gooseneck hitch that weighs in at just over 50 lbs. The 16085 comes with the ball attached, but you need to get your own rails separately. The greatest positive about this piece of gear is that it is universal, meaning that you should be able to have it fit with just about any 5th wheel hitch rails that you are already working with or planning on working with.

In Summary

Gooseneck hitches are incredibly similar to 5th Wheel Trailer Hitches in that they are installed by way of the bed of your truck. So if your setup is designed for towing fifth wheels already and you’re staring at a gooseneck trailer and the fifth wheel rails in the bed of your truck and thinking to yourself, there has to be an easy solution… these are what you need.

These types of hitches can handle up to an incredible 30,000 lbs. The best thing to say about gooseneck hitches, outside of their strength, is that they can be removed entirely when you are done towing, leaving your truck bed as empty and clean as you want it to be.