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A trailer hitch flagpole holder lets you easily mount a flagpole with a flag from your car, truck, RV, or motorcycle. It’s quick to install and remove from an existing trailer hitch receiver. With a hitch mount and pole, you can proudly and patriotically fly the flag of your choice from your vehicle, when and wherever you want.

This article is intended to be an Ultimate Guide to choosing the best hitch-mounted solution for mounting a flag to an existing trailer hitch receiver.

Whether you are looking to purchase just the holder and planning on a DIY solution for the pole or looking for a complete kit that includes the mount and pole, we will cover it in detail.

Pre Purchase Checklist

  • Hitch Receiver and Size – Make sure your vehicle has one, and you know the size. Hitch receiver standard sizes are 2-inch and 1 1/4-inch size. In addition, you will need a matching-sized mount.
  • Driving with a Flag – Decide if you plan to drive with the flag and flagpole attached routinely. Consider legality and safety concerns.
  • Equipment Needed – Flag, proper flagpole, hitch pin or lock, flag clips, or hardware.

Never imaged there would be so much to consider to simply fly a flag from the back of a truck.”

Best Trailer Hitch Flagpoles Compared

Brand Hitch Size Flagpole Diameter Price
Camco Hitch Mount Flagpole Holder 2-Inch 2.3″ $$
MICTUNING Hitch Mount Flagpole Holder with Anti-Wobble Screws 2-Inch 1.6″ to 2.3″ $$$$
Patriot Sales Dual Flag Holder (Made in The USA) 2-Inch 1-Inch $$$$$$$

Trailer Hitch Flagpole Legal Considerations

Driving with a flag is street-legal in most areas of the country. Most people who choose to drive daily with their flag have not had issues with law enforcement, although laws will differ in every state. Always consult the local police department or an attorney in the area you plan to drive for an official answer.

Technically if the flag blocks the rear license plate, cops can give you a ticket, but it’s probably not likely. Also, flags should never be so large that they could cover a windshield or obstruct a driver’s view.

Most drivers reported that police have never pulled them over. Some have even gotten a thumbs up, waves, and salutes.

Keep in mind that Presidential Motorcades, funeral processions, and fire engines often fly flags as well.

Most states have laws that require flags to be attached to the vehicle at the end of any load that extends beyond a few feet from the rear or sides of a vehicle, and often state specifies a minimum size flat in that law.

In most circumstances, it is unlikely that you would be pulled over and getting a ticket for merely flying a flag.

Trailer Hitch Flagpole Options

Flagpoles and flags are not typically included, so you have a few options if you do not have one already. Most holders will accommodate a 2-inch flag pole, and most poles advertised as a 3-inch pole usually only measure in at 2 3/16″  in actual size to ensure they will fit.

If you choose to drive with your flag, you want to choose one that is durable enough to withstand the force of the wind. Although many portable flag pole manufacturers say their product is made for parade or display purposes only, some state theirs is engineered and durable enough for use while driving.

DIY – Make Homemade

A popular and inexpensive choice is building a DIY trailer hitch flag pole is using a piece of PVC pipe and connecting it to a Flagpole Hitch Mount. Although you could use wood or steel, PVC is inherently strong and flexible enough to withstand high-speed winds.

Many people who build their pole will often remove the thumbscrew from the mount, drill a hole through the PVC or steel pole, and use a bolt and nut instead of the thumbscrew for added security.

Don’t forget the hardware you will need for the pole to attach the flag. Eyebolts and Carabiner Clips or Anchor Shackles are commonly used.

Buy a Pole

There are a lot of portable telescopic poles are flimsy and designed to be either hand-held or used with under the tire mounts. Simply said, they are designed for stationary use.

Most will not hold up to the punishing winds from the typical street or highway driving.

If you’re considering purchasing a pole, it should be a well constructed single-piece rigid pole such as this one.

Complete Kit

With a kit, you pay more but have the convenience of having a quick and easy, ready to go solution. Fanpole makes one of the most popular kits. It is rated and designed for road use. It includes the pole made of solid steel, the hitch mount, flag clips, and the hitch pin. The only thing you need to buy separately is your flag.